Asia is home to some of the most congested cities in the world, resulting in long hours on the roads and an unhealthy environment due to the air pollution prevalent there. For many developing cities, the outdated and incomplete public transport systems are an unviable alternative, keeping the masses in their cars.

To encourage city dwellers to use public transport, we need to solve the "first and last mile" commute. Micromobility options such as e-scooters, e-bikes, and shared bikes improve access to public transportation, reduce inefficient car trips, and reduce the carbon footprint. However, due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure and urban regulation, the adoption of micromobility is still at an early stage with great potential for growth.

This program will bring together stakeholders from across the value chain in the region to discuss ongoing and upcoming projects and initiatives by governments, local authorities, private and public organizations to introduce and integrate micromobility services into the existing transportation network and reach underserved communities

Why Asia is an attractive market for new mobility service providers?

Who will attend?

Policy makers

Planning and regulatory authorities

Mobility experts

Giga and Mega infrastructure projects

Urban and transport planner

Why attend?

Key takeaways

Information on new initiatives and upcoming projects to support micromobility adoption

Identify the gaps and opportunities for the adoption of micromobility in your city or infrastructure projects

Meet the micromobility value chain and understand how each of them can contribute to your city specific needs

Understand how to attract public and private investments in mobility transformation