Stephen Goldie

City Planning Advisor, Al Ain Municipality

Department of Municipalities & Transport, UAE

Stephen Goldie has over thirty-five years’ experience in urban planning and design, more than twenty years of this at executive level. His urban planning and design experience ranges from regional and metropolitan strategy to complex inner-city design, from high-level policy and legislation to seemingly intractable local disputes, and from detailed urban design to complex management issues. Many of these projects have been distinguished by awards, but more importantly, more than fifty of the projects that he has led, or for which he was the senior planner, are either built or being implemented.

As well as being a leading Australian New Urbanist, Stephen is also a published researcher and thinker on the impacts of artificial intelligence and robotics on cities and the application of those technologies to the planning and design of cities.

Currently, Stephen is employed by the Abu Dhabi Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities as City Planning Advisor to Al Ain, the garden city of the Emirates, in order to continue the development of Al Ain as a liveable and sustainable city.